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Here are some great goat-related sites on the internet. This list is far from complete and will be updated frequently. Please let us know of any sites that you feel would be of benefit to your fellow goat lovers.

Goat Registries

American Boer Goat Assocation

American Dairy Goat Association

American Goat Society

International Boer Goat Association

Miniature Dairy Goat Association

National Pygmy Goat Association

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association


Health and Management


National Animal Poison Control Center

National Goat Handbook

Saanendoah - includes info on CAE, FKS, copper deficiency and more!

Texas Animal Health Commission

Goat Supplies

Caprine Supply - mostly pets but good stuff for goats too

Premier Supplies


Goat Clubs

American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

Books and Publications


United Caprine News - America's leading goat periodical.

Ruminations Magazine - bimonthly Nigerian Dwarf magazine

Everything Else!

   includes lots of articles on kidding, management and more....

  Goat collectibles, books, home decor and much more...

Cyber Goats


Khimaira Farm & Kaprine Kreations - very interesting site to browse through

U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations - very useful  if you ship across state lines.